Request a Custom Quote

Were you unable to find the print product you are looking for? Request a quote for your custom print job here! Before submitting a custom quote request, please ensure that the custom print product is not available on our website.


Price quotes exclude shipping costs. If you would like an estimate for shipping, please reach out to our Shipping Department at and provide them with your product details to receive a shipping estimate. For product quotes, please use our Custom Quotes Request Form.

Our services are only valid for the USA and Canada. Requests from regions other than other destinations will not be answered.

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Custom Orders FAQ

What is a custom quote?

If you cannot find the product you are looking for on, chances are we can still produce it. By requesting a custom quote, our team of estimators will send you the price to complete your job.

Can I request a custom quote ?

Yes, as long as you’re a print reseller or graphic designer. We recommend first registering for an account on here, and browsing the thousands of standard products for which you can already get an instant quote. If you still cannot find the product, please request a custom quote.

Take a moment to become familiar with our website and our products. Note that for the same specs, it is more cost-efficient if items are ordered online as a standard item versus a custom order. If you have any questions about ordering, feel free to call 212-203 9594 to speak to customer service.

How can I request a custom quote ?

If the item you want is not a standard item on our website, you can click on “Request a custom quote” on the left hand side of the page, or by going here. We’ll get back to you via email with your price within 24 hours.

I’m not sure how to request the specific item needed.

Most items that we offer can be found using our drop down menu options on our custom quote request form here .

If you’re still not able to find what’s needed, please describe it to the best of your ability in the “Additional notes” section. The more information, the better, as it will give us an idea of what should be quoted.

I submitted a custom quote request online, but didn’t hear back yet.

Normally, quotations take up to 24 hours to process. If you’re concerned and would like to follow up, feel free to call (212) 203-9594 and ask to speak to an estimator. Have the quote request ID number

How can I talk to an estimator or the production team after receiving a quote?

Once you received the quote via email, click the link within the email to respond to the estimator. If you’d like to speak to one over the phone, feel free call (212) 203-9594, provide the quote number, and mention that you would like to talk to the estimator that provided you the quote.

If you have already submitted the quote as a custom job, our production coordinators will take care of your custom orders. Feel free to call (212) 203 9594, and ask to speak to a production coordinator.

Is the price included with shipping and tax? Are there any additional fees?

Prices quoted normally are without shipping and tax. If you would like a shipping quote, feel free to contact our shipping department at and provide them with the same details of your quote and the address of where the print item is to be sent, for an assessment of the shipping cost.

Please note that quotes are valid for 7 days only – following this period they would need to be re-evaluated.

When receiving your quote, please read the letter to ensure that the specs quoted align with the actual specs of your job. If there are differences, the job would need to be re-quoted and subsequent charges may apply.

I like the price and want to place the order. How can I do so?

To place your order upload your file, go to uscustombag a click on summit a order on the left hand side of the screen.You can also click here.After click in it fill out all the details and upload your file bellow.If you have any furter questions about placing the order please give us call (212) 203 9594 and ask to speak to a customer service

I have submitted my order, and I would like to pay for my job. How can I do so?

Once the proof is sent, there will be a email sent from our accounting department which will have a link inside it. To pay, click the link and follow the prompts to pay for the order.

I have submitted the order, I am waiting for my proof. How long does it take?

Once the job is submitted, Prepress takes about 24 hours to send the proof via email. Note that for large format jobs, proofs will not be sent; large format and roll label items will go straight into production after they have been paid for.

How do I rerun the same custom order?

With the exception of large format jobs*, if you have submitted a job in the past and would like to run the exact same order, please send a request to our estimating team to first get the quote updated, as quotes are only valid for 15 days. Instead of filling out the entire quote request, just mention that you need an updated version of your previous quote (be sure to specify your previous quote #).

Once you have received the new updated quote, please go to the job submission portal and submit your order. You do not need to attach the artwork IF it is the same as last time. You can mention the previous job # in the notes section when submitting the new order for printing.