We Are Creating Sustainability


Who Are We ?

USCUSTOMBAG is your one-stop customized, low-cost, high-quality, sustainable customized packaging solution. OUR STORY began in 2017 when we started in lithography printing and packaging activities under the name of Spectrum Ent. LLC in Ridgefield, New Jersey. We predominantly served in the hospitality industry such as fast-food companies, restaurants, and cafes. Within the framework of growth strategies, in 2019, our company has continued its growth through the acquisition of ERO Printing which had over 30 years of experience in the printing field.
Subsequently, our company obtained a DBA under the name “USCUSTOMBAG” and extended its practices throughout the New York Region. By the end of 2022, our primary vision is to expand our services in the US market by first serving the East Coast and eventually creating a reputation across the USA.

Motto: We Promised , Will Be Best Supplier for Our Industry Distributors and Resellers

What Is Our Mission ?

Our first mission for our company is to adopt the concept of “cradle to grave”. Our priority is not to victimize our customers in the changing world and US conditions. In this context, our company continued to work at full capacity during the Covid-19 Pandemic; paying close attention to the consequential results of single-use plastics and plastic packaging leading up to the pandemic. The need for change has never been clearer. With this in mind, we changed almost all of our processing to be sustainable and environmentally friendly in commitment to our mission. Building a business based on the core value of customer satisfaction while acquiring low cost manufacturing with sustainable products is our grounds for service.

Client Satisfaction

We work hard to make sure you are satisfied with all the service that you get from us

Our Priorities

Here at USCustombag, our priorities are to meet your deadlines and deliver the job without any compromises, and while doing so give you the best price. Cause we know your growth and reputation is our reputation and growth.


How Can We Help You ?

At USCUSTOMBAG, we pride ourselves on our quality, experience, and knowledgeable team. You no longer have to ‘figure it out’ and spend countless hours trying to find sustainable and economical solutions to your business. Tell us your vision and let us do the rest.
We aim to advance our competitors by producing ecological packaging and packaging products as environmentally friendly as possible. We work hard to get a fast return on your packaging investment while ensuring you will be one step ahead in recognition and awareness against your competitors.