The full-color printing process is similar to your printer at home. It produces a high-quality, flat image. On the other hand, the flexographic printing process often abbreviated to flexo utilizes a flexible relief cliché. A full printing press machine consists of several printing towers; each tower containing 1 color. Before the printing process can begin, the image carrier needs to be prepared. In flexography, this is done by making a cliché plate. Every printing tower requires a specific cliché for the placement of that specific color on the substrate. Once all the clichés for each color have been prepared and installed on the plate cylinders; the ink pans have to be filled up. Flexographic printing is essentially a modern version of letterpress, evolved with high-speed rotary functionality, which can be used for printing on almost any type of flexible substrate including plastic, metallic, films, cellophane, and paper. It is widely used for printing on the non-porous substrates required for various types of food packaging.

You can submit your artwork to and please be sure to type the word “artwork”, your company name, and your order number in the subject line. Please call us and place your order before submitting the artwork(s).

All artworks need to be in vector format. Please contact our sales representative for other required specifications related to your artwork.

Our artwork(s) requirements comply with professional standards in the printing industry. Images submitted according to our requirements allow us to make sure that your logo is presented at the highest possible quality. We realize that there is a substantial cost involved with printing products and want to ensure that your expectations will always be met and even surpassed.

Typically, the artwork(s) on business cards is too small to reproduce well at high resolution, yet it is not possible to reproduce work(s) without the required artwork(s). In such cases we can convert those artwork(s), there is an additional fee for converting each artwork.

Yes, we definitely can. Our prices include converting your supplied artwork(s) (see above for required format) for printing or creating a simple text-only layout for you, including one complimentary change. These prices do not include graphic work such as selecting a clip art or designing an image for you. Graphic work is billed at an additional cost per hour.

You can choose any font from Microsoft Word. If you are using a custom font, you will need to send us the font file(s).

Call our sales representative as soon as possible. Orders without any artwork are getting ready to ship out quickly, usually within 24 hours. We may be able to cancel your order and submit a custom printed order for you. If your order has already shipped, there is a fee to return the stock product for a refund.

Minimum order quantity information is listed in the descriptions of the related products.

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