Printing plates or clichés are flat sheets of durable metal that are imprinted with your artwork. These plates are used on presses to print or stamp your artwork onto your products. Permanent plates can be reused and will be stored for your future repeating orders.

We cannot use different plates in our machines.

Yes, you will be charged. Each printing plate/cliché requires a one-time setup fee. If you want to reuse a plate/cliché, a new setup fee will not be charged. In some cases, however, if you change product or artwork, you will need a new plate/cliché. A printing fee will be always charged for a printed order.

Yes, we do. We will keep your plate(s) in the archive for at least two years. Unused plates/clichés will eventually be discarded.

Yes, you can. If you wish to have your plate, we will mail it to you. Mailing is an extra charge.

Our shopping paper bags can hold up to 25 lb. and will stand up on their own. Our wave top bags do not stand up empty but can hold up to 20 lb. Please note that the carrying capacity will differ according to paper thickness and properties.

We can use a plate/cliché of a smaller bag on a larger bag. If you are ordering a few different sizes, we recommend more than one plate/cliché for maximum visual impact.

We have stock flexo printing colors but we can custom match any PMS color for an additional fee.

All our paper bags are custom printable. But we recommend using a solid color bag to give your logo the best visual impact. However, many of our printed bags work well with a custom imprint.

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